Chicago Handshake (Old Style tall boy & Malort shot) $8
Welcome Back Amigo (Tecate bottle & tequila shot) $6
Meat Lovers (Hamm’s can & Wild Turkey 101 shot) $8
Miller High Life, 4.6% $5/16oz, $3/shorty
Bell’s Amber Ale, 5.8% $6/16oz, $4/shorty
Dovetail Vienna Lager, 5.1% $7/16oz, $4/shorty
Maplewood Juice Pants Hazy IPA, 7% $7/12oz, $5/shorty
Bell’s Two Hearted IPA, 7% $7/16oz, $4/shorty
Dovetail Pilsner, 4.6% $7/16oz, $4/shorty
Krombacher Pils, 4.8% $8/16oz, $4/shorty
Half Acre Daisy Cutter Pale Ale, 5.2% $7/16oz, $4/shorty
Maplewood Son of Juice Hazy IPA, 6.3% $8/16oz, $5/shorty
Lagunitas IPA, 6.2% $6/16oz, $4/shorty
Starcut Octorock Semi-Sweet Cider, 4.9% $6/16oz, $4/shorty
Hopewell Big Cold Brew Nitro Imperial Coffee Stout, 9.2% $8/12oz, $5/shorty
New Belgium Blackberry Felix Barrel-Aged Sour, 8.8% $7/12oz, $5/shorty
Begyle Barrel Aged Imperial Pajamas 2019 Stout, 13.3% $18/12oz, $12/shorty
Guinness Draught, 4.2% $11/20oz, $7/16oz, $4/shorty
64oz and 32oz growlers to go are available for most drafts.
Tecate / Amstel Light / Budweiser, 12oz btl $4
Bud Light / Miller Light, 4.2%, 12oz btl $5
Modelo, 4.5%, 12oz btl $6
City Water Valencia Orange Cranberry Hard Seltzer, 5%, 12oz can $7
White Claw Mango, 5%, 12oz can $7
Goose Island CIVL Pale Ale, 5.4%, 16oz can $8
Three Floyd’s Zombie Dust Pale Ale, 6.2%, 12oz btl $10
Maplewood Mordibly Obese Pug Imperial Stout, 4.1%, 16oz can $12
Virtue Michigan Apple Cider, 5.5%, 16oz can $8
Mike’s Hard Lemonade, 5%, 12oz btl $7
Cabernet, Chardonnay, Prosecco $7/glass
Dirty Sangria $7
Liquid Cocaine $12
-Ketel One Botanical Peach & Orange Blossom, Orange Red Bull, Prosecco
Millions of Peaches $9
-Crown Royal Peach, ginger beer, lime
GMan Old Fashioned $10
-Pre-prohibition recipe Old Fashioned with rotating whiskey
Espresso Old Fashioned $10
-Bearcat Espresso bourbon with bitters and simple
Hawaiian Punch Bomb $7/shot, $10/drink
-Cherry McGillicuddy’s with orange Red Bull


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