Tomorrow Never Knows Festival 2024...

Fuerza Bruta * The Slads * Consensus Madness * Maneaters

Friday, January 19
Doors: 7:30pm // Show: 8:30pm
$12 Advance / $15 Day of

Friday, January 19
Tomorrow Never Knows Festival 2024
Fuerza Bruta * The Slads * Consensus Madness * Maneaters 
$12 Adv. / $15 Day of / 21 & over / Doors: 7:30pm / Show: 8:30pm

Fuerza Bruta started in 2016 as a group of friends who frequently hung out, and shared many similar music interests, often going to shows together and discussing how to create music of their own. With members having proud Latin American roots, the group collectively wanted to see and hear more of that heritage being represented in their music scenes, which ultimately led them to the sound of Fuerza Bruta. After one or two practices, and only officially being a band for about a week and a half, they played their first gig with The Templars, Legion76, Fear City and Brick Assasin in their hometown of Chicago. The rest is history.

It’s been about six years since they released their first EP “VERDUGO” after that first show. Since then, Fuerza Bruta has released several more EPs and an ultra-limited 10”. They’ve played a slew of live shows worldwide. After some lineup changes during the pandemic, the band is ready to Rock and Oi.

Fuerza Bruta consists of Matheus (Guitar/Vocals), Kyle (Bass/back up vocals), Felipe (Drums), Lucas (Lead Guitar), and Beto (Lead Vocals). Their newest release, “CONTRA” is available now via Mendeku Records (Europe) and Warthog Speak (US).

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